日本橋 イタリア料理 モンタルチーノ
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日本橋 イタリア料理 モンタルチーノ

Cocotte Curry (Lunch Special)
Cocotte Curry ¥1,550
 ・Spicy Chicken Curry
Sirloin & Cocotte Curry ¥1,600
 ・Sirloin Steak & Spicy Chicken Curry (Mini Size)
Seafood Cocotte Curry ¥1,550
 ・Spicy Spinach & Seafood Curry  
Lobster Cocotte Curry ¥1,550
 ・Spicy Lobster Sauce Curry with Cheese & Egg  
Two Kinds of Cocotte Curry ¥2,000
 ・Spicy Chicken Curry
 ・Spicy Spinach & Seafood Curry
 ・Focaccia & Rice
Pasta & Rice ¥1,300
 ・Fresh Pasta (Chinese Curry Noodle Style)
 ・Rice & Salad
Oyster &Cocotte Curry ¥1,550
 ・Fried Oyster & Spicy Vegatable Curry (Mini Size)  
Mini Cocotte Curry ¥1,300
 ・Meet Cutlet & Spicy Chicken Curry (Mini Size)  
Vegetable Cocotte Curry ¥1,550
 ・Spicy Vegetable Curry
Crab Cocotte Curry ¥1,700
 ・Spicy Clab, Mushroom & Broccoli Curry  
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